Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me

Wish you all a serene evening along with piles of biscuit and a cup of tea

The dawn’s page turns over to bless my heart with rebirth’s honey

All I learnt through the past year was getting my existence overwhelmed by effort and exploration’s sea

Go forward, no matter the road’s shape; at the end you are rewarded with the success’s golden key

Let your soul trace whispers of passion, aimed, directly, at ambitions’ leaves, illuminating petals narrating moments of joy, happiness, and beauty.

Beyond Beauty of Glance…

Beyond beauty of glance, an angelic essence comes into emergence

The spring of love, affection, and kindness, the silhouette spews scent of heavenly grace

The purity of ego is sprayed from cheeks whispering nobility of presence

A pristine rhyme of dignity, whose decency is immersed by elegance’s fragrance.

Dawn’s Romance

Between reflection’s romance with awakening’s emergence, life’s essence unfolds silhouette of innocence

All I inhale is serenity’s whisper praising purity’s pristine presence

Freshness’s honey beckons to heart to lend its cheeks to rebirth’s lips

A glowing glance kissed the subconscious’s eyelids, when ego was amazed by melody of spirits’ dance.

To A Great Blogger’s Fluent Whispers

Your soul’s footprints create a fluent stream of mental imaginations inhaled by spirit and heart alike. I have just met your whispers’ residence embraced by intimacy’s ever-blowing fragrance, dragging the ego to hospitality’s flow emerging from depths of nobility’s essence. Let your kindness’s candle be lit by treating your breath’s guests with honey of learning and exploration’s pace.

Footprints of Innocence

Such an innocent silhouette
It took me to the oasis of purity of soul, wherein curiosity of glance is treated with kisses of beauty’s angel’s spirit
The dance of hues enchants the ego with decency’s charm left behind by sincerity of thought and nobility of heart
Dear artist; your essence is as fragrant as rose’s petal, embracing the inner presence with intimacy’s whisper exhaled by glows of dignity’s light.

Canvas’s Romance With Hues’ Dance

Inhale the romance of canvas with hues dance, whispering footprints of heart’s angelic elegance

you may be silent, but silhouette of beauty asserts, all the time, its emergence

The harmony of traces exhales fragrance of nobility’s essence

If anyone seeks residence of picturesqueness, he should be directed towards a soul whose glance kisses the preceding presence with lips of purity’s breath.

Melodic Symphony of Sea

The melodic symphony of sea romancing with silhouette of clarity

Here, charm of pebbles, like enchanting mermaids, beckons to soul to get overwhelmed by flowing kisses of serenity

May solitude be my companion, but my heart’s thirst is satisfied with wealth of purity

Leave me alone dear; subconscious has fallen in love with cosmic embodiment of beauty, whose ego lights in presence true essence of sincerity.

Soul of Freshness

Dear soul of freshness, raise me from the land and introduce to my ego oases wherein beauty comes from nobility of essence, not make up of appearance; take me to whispers welcoming the heart with solace’s emergence, a spiritual residence made of petals of relief and blanket of subconscious. There, mom of sincerity feeds my presence from breast of purity, spewing innocent honey of decency’s eternality.

Messenger of Beauty

Messenger of beauty, given birth by blossoms breathed by breeze of nobility

The cheeks of innocence narrate kisses of grace whispered by paces of purity

Inhale me dignity’s dew and carry my essence to oases of sincerity

Your glance glows with charm’s flow, spewed from residence of harmony, showered by tears of hospitality, rolling down from picturesqueness’s spring of generosity.